Take the beach indoors with this surfboard coat rack. The coat rack is handcrafted of solid pine with blue stripes along with natural wood hibiscus flowers. The board is available in two sizes; 36 inches X 9.5 inches and 48 inches X 11 inches. It comes with five brushed nickel hooks, all you have to do is hang it using 2 screws and plastic anchors. Lots of other colors available. The color choice is to replace the blue portions of the board, the rest of the board will look the same. *********Please Note********* Screws are left out of the two end hooks on purpose. The long screws in the package go through the two end hooks and into the wall for a super secure installation.

Hibiscus Surfboard Coat Rack 36 Inch or 48 Inch

SKU: Surf144

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