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Does a Bear Surf in the Woods?

January 27, 2017

Does a bear surf in the woods? This was a joke when I was a teenager growing up near the beaches of North Carolina.

The answer was always yes, of course. And as most rhetorical questions of its kind, it carried with it an audacity and attitude that translated “of course we can do it, why not”!


Rick and I married very young and back then surfing was his life. We always had surfboards in the bedroom, living room, outside the front door, in the car with us, wherever. Foreshadowing, I know! Anytime Rick wasn’t working he was surfing. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but it’s not far off!


We had kids and made a life and Rick continued in his corporate job until the passing of his father made him stop to reflect. His father was an amazing woodworker and Rick had never experimented to see whether he gotten the gene or not.

Turns out, he did. And what was the first thing he made out of wood? Why a surfboard of course!

Fast forward to the start of Marker Six. Here’s the highlights you’ve been waiting for. God answered Rick’s audacious prayers to leave his job and have his own business. His love of surfing, his untapped talent and his years of work experience finally filled the desire of his heart to do something he loves and make a living at it.


We’re real people just like you with bills to pay and kids to put through college, and we have our own hopes and dreams. We decided life is too short to not take the risk. So we’re taking it right where we are, in the southeastern part of NC, 150 miles from the nearest beach.

Surfboards are still all over the house and yard, the real ones, and yes, Marker Six products. Rick still watches the surf reports and you can bet when the surf is just right he is sitting on ready to make that drive.


I left my job last year to join my husband on this great big adventure. This blog is part of that. When you visit this blog you can expect information concerning our surfboard shelves, lamps, coffee tables, coat racks, and other surf related products. We have some things up our sleeves, but for today what we need you to know is this is not a hobby, nor a pass time, this is our life and we love what we do.


Ah, so you see, a bear does surf in the woods!


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