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That Time Jimmy Fallon's People Called Our People

February 10, 2017

Yep, it’s true, except Jimmy Fallon’s people called their people, who called our people. And by our people, I mean Rick. We’ve had some other orders from celebrities and high profile customers too and we absolutely loved those custom projects. We don’t just offer customization to the

Tonight Show or celebrities though, you can have it too! 

A lot of people come to the Marker Six website, see something they like and order it. They already know exactly where it’s going to go and how it’s going to be used, they can picture it in their mind. However, some of you are overwhelmed by the choices. Customization is your answer, my friend!


I think the best way to start with surfboard décor is to think about how it will be used. Think about it not just for decoration, but for double duty. What do you need that could be a surfboard instead?


All businesses need signs, advertising, a way to make a statement. There’s no better way than to turn a surfboard into a sign. We’ve done signs for doctor’s offices of all kinds, restaurants, retail shops and more. There’s a lot of surface area so fill it up with your business name, logo, or your colors to attract attention.

Do you need to display something like trophy’s in your kid’s room or those pretty bowls you just bought for the beach house that you don’t want shoved in a cabinet? Maybe shelves are the way to go, painted to match or compliment the room they’re going in.


One of our favorite things to make is address plates. Obviously, each one is different because of the house number but they can be made even more unique. You can match your house and add your last name or a symbol. One lady even had us put a gecko on it, and it turned out awesome!

The bathroom doesn’t have to miss out either. You must have a towel rack and a toilet paper holder after all. Go with our finished sets and customize the color to match or compliment. Hey, we spend time here, it should look good too; and I promise you’ll have the coolest bathroom of anyone you know.


Another of Rick’s favorite things to make it is custom counter and bar tops. Every beach house, surf shack, and bungalow could use one of these. Talk about customization to the max, check out this picture below of one of his designs.

Custom does not have to be boring! Fonts abound by the thousands these days so there’s no reason to be stuck with Sego Script or Comic Sans anymore. Go for something fun but easy to read. Mix it up too, the whole board doesn’t have to be the same font or font size.

Lastly, let’s talk about color. There’s literally bazillions of shades out there, so whether you’re trying to match a scheme you have going on already or you’re looking to set it off with a pop of color, there’s no end to what you can choose. We make it pretty easy for customers choose a color they love using Valspar Paint colors.

Find them here:


I hope I’ve inspired you to create your own unique surf furniture. From weddings guestbooks to nursery signs, from coffee tables to yes, even your dressing room, we can work with you. We would love to help you create pieces that will work in your space.


Hit the contact button and let’s get started! 







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