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New Year, New and Exciting Things

February 26, 2018

New year, new blog. Ok, not quite, we’re almost in March now. Wasn’t it just Christmas?


Speaking of which, we started selling our surfboard fin stockings for the first time this past Christmas. This was an original design of ours and we hadn't seen them anywhere on the internet before so we decided they would be a fun break away from our all-wood products. We worked on them for two years before we got them just how we wanted them and they did very well for their first year. We have to give credit to my mom Tami, though, she is the super seamstress behind every single one of these beautiful stockings. Kind of makes them extra special knowing that, right? 


Typically, the first of the year is quiet for us. Everyone has ordered what they’re going to order for Christmas and while we might have a few orders left, it’s fairly slow. But we’re ok with that because after we’re done playing Santa, we take time with our own family to just stop. And be. And love.

And eat. And eat. And eat.


January brings a space of time we don't get the rest of the year in that we have time to create. We have grown to love the beginning of the year. We dream again and think up new product ideas and make prototypes, and it’s just fun. It breathes a breath of fresh air in us and our company. It rekindles our fires so to speak and keeps us going for another year until we get to do it again.


This turn of the new year was special though, several new things happened. First, we were able to purchase a new workshop which we so desperately needed, and man is it big, to us anyway. I’m sure we’ll find a way to fill it up, but for now, it’s been nice to have tons of space to clear coat and epoxy in a closed area without bugs, dust, and dirt getting into our finishes. Thank you, God!


Secondly, we got a new logo. Ya’ll probably don’t think this is such a big deal, but if you’ve ever had to come up with one, or brand yourself, you know this is no small feat. I’d like to point out that Rick (owner of Marker Six) is the one who made it. Pretty cool, right?


Thirdly and most exciting, we are launching our kids line of products from Marker Six called

Goofy Foot Kids. We have always carried a few pieces for children, but this is its own branch that is kids only, or as we like to say, from beach babies to teens. It’s all new color palettes with new pieces as well as some familiar pieces tweaked to be kid specific. Our favorite new products include the single surfboard step stool and the birth announcement board. I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to say how proud we are that our sixteen-year-old son, Carter, is the one who created our

Goofy Foot Kids logo. He’s so talented! We are very excited about this endeavor and hope you’ll support us.


On a personal note, on October 15 last year, the most important thing to happen to us in a while arrived. We welcomed the newest addition to our family, a baby girl named Emmy, born to our only daughter. She is our first grand baby and she has added a new joy and reason to be thankful. Funny how our desire to have this children’s line came way before her, but she will no doubt be an inspiration. The question now is, will she be a goofy foot?



We hope everyone is having a good start to their year! Please check out Goofy Foot Kids at our newest Etsy page, Also, please follow us on Instagram @goofyfootkids to help us get started. We appreciate you, whether you’re a friend, customer, or just a visitor. Here’s to 2018, lucky number (year) seven!


Jessica for Marker Six

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